About us

About us:

ROGAN tools are designed and made by owner Mike Rogan. Mike was an avid primitive camper and broke several knives while using them for tasks that you should never use a knife for such as batoning logs, digging, prying and hammering in tent stakes.

 Mike made his first “beater-bar” to handle those tasks that normally broke his knives. It was a simple design, a 1/4 in x 1 in x 8 in bar with a pry tip on one end and a lanyard hole on the other.

 In 2003, Mike’s brother, a USMC EOD Tech, was deployed to Iraq and later Afghanistan. He was issued a bayonet to dig with. These bayonets would dull quickly and eventually snap with hard use. He asked Mike to send him the beater bar he made himself for camping. After using it for a couple weeks, Mike’s brother requested that he send more of them over for his friends to use. Roughly 60 of these bars were made and sent over to help out EOD Techs that his brother knew.

Mike was apprehensive to start another business because he failed 6 times before at other businesses he tried. His “never give up” attitude and passion for working with his hands kept him going. Mike started vending at local gun shows and would consistently sell out. Over time, Mike was able to quit his full time job at the hardware store and focus on his passion for making quality tools for professionals.

 Today, ROGAN Tools can be found world wide. Dealers are located in the UK, France, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and South Korea. New dealers are being picked up regularly. ROGAN also makes tools for US Customs and Border Protection, FBI, ATF, USMC as well as local and state law enforcement.

 ROGAN continues to upgrade machinery and is always working on new designs to provide you with the very best in prybar/demolition tools. ROGAN products are proudly made in the USA.