Usage and Safety

Uses of products:
- Cutting tasks/ opening packages
- Splitting wood
- Hammering tent stakes
- Digging in dirt/ cutting roots
- Lite Prying
- Scrapping

- All models come with wrapped handles
- All carbon steel models are treated with Frog Lube
- All models are hand made in the USA 

Usage and Safety:
- Do not apply the tool to a task it was not designed for.
- All products are not to be used as a crowbar, screwdriver, lift nails or breach a door. 
- Products are not designed for steel hammer strikes. Always use a piece of wood to strike the tool for batoning.

- Carbon models will rust over a period of time due to handling, humidity or wet conditions. Regularly clean and lubricate the surface with an abrasive pad and apply oil.

- Rogan USA is not responsible for personal injury due to use of the product.

-Rogan USA is not liable for any damage caused to backpacks, pockets or other gear due to storage of our tools. Example: If you store your Rogan tool in your backpack and a hole forms due to carrying the tool inside your pack, Rogan is not liable for any damage to gear that was caused by our tools.

- Rogan Tools might not be compatible with all molle gear spacing. Some imported (Generic Chinese) molle gear does not use standard molle spacing and might be too small to fit the standard 1in spacing. 

- Always wear gloves and proper eye protection when tools are in use.

ROGAN  Guarantee- If you would like your tool refurbished, simply contact us to get instructions on shipping. Customer is responsible for shipping charges back and forth. Tools are refurbished for free. Refurbishing includes: edge grinding, sanding, paracord wrapping and repackaging. 

 Below is a illustration of how to rewrap your tool.