ROGAN Refurbishment

ROGAN  Refurbishment- If you would like your tool refurbished, email us at for further information.


Customer is responsible for shipping charges back and forth and must provide us with a tracking number.

Tools are refurbished for FREE. Refurbishing includes: bevel grinding, sanding, paracord wrapping and repackaging.

If we are unable to refurbish your tool to factory standards, we will replace the tool. If the tool needs to be replaced but that model has been discontinued, the replacement tool provided will be of equal or lesser value. We will notify you of what the options are before sending the replacement.

If you would like to keep your old tool for sentimental value, a discount code will be provided so you can purchase a replacement. (must email us pictures of damage)

Please allow up to 1 week for your tool to be refurbished and packaged. This time can fluctuate depending on the current work load.

Exceptions- Engravings and Sheaths

*Engravings are not covered by our guarantee. If you would like the same custom/pattern engraving, you must repurchase the engraving charge. Engravings will dull over time with wear and tear on the tool and are not covered by our guarantee.

*Please note that kydex sheaths are considered accessories and are not guaranteed. If the tool has been discontinued, we do not provide the replacement sheath if your old sheath is not compatible with the replacement. You must purchase a new sheath for the replacement tool if it is not compatible with your original.

Please let us know if you have any questions.